Eyeful Media Leadership Team

We operate a bit differently than some of the others.  We keep costs lower for our clients by assembling a team for each engagement, custom tailored to the needs of the project, rather than having a large group on the bench.  Depending on your unique needs, you may be working with one of us or several of us, but either way, your project will be worked on by consultants and professionals with in-house experience.  And in case you're wondering, our team isn't all made up of junior folks straight out of school - we have former SVPs, Directors and more ready to jump on your project.  Plus, our advisors keep us on our toes and provide an extra pair of eyes on our larger projects.

Antonella Pisani

Antonella Pisani - CEO & Founder

Antonella brings more than 20 years of digital experience with a focus in ecommerce leadership and digital marketing.

Prior to starting Eyeful Media, she held executive leadership roles at Proflowers, Guitar Center, JCPenney and Fossil.

Antonella is an avid traveler and photographer, with a particular focus on visiting places off the beaten path including Antarctica, Easter Island, Bhutan and the Arctic.

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scott laverty - Advisor

Scott brings more than 30 years of experience in digital transformation and information technology experience from companies and consulting firms including JCPenney, Deloitte, IBM, Shane Company and Borders. 

Scott currently serves CIO at Shane Company, the largest privately owned jeweler in the United States, and as a National Board Advisor for the Armed Forces YMCA.  Prior to joining Shane Co, he was CIO at JCPenney, a Fortune 100 company.



Brian Mcsweeney - Advisor

Brian serves as Chief Technology Officer & Chief Information Office at Standard Industries and is a co-founder of Flexhire, a global network expert freelance developers.  He previously served as Global Head of Digital Innovation for Pepsi, SVP Customer Experience Technology for JCPenney and CEO of Motive NYC.